Guest chef for august or september – (Extranjero)

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Firmament / Seidl Catering

Empresas: Firmament / Seidl Catering
Be a superstar for 30 days – this is YOUR stage! (August or September)

The FIRMAMENT features a fast-casual restaurant with over 200 seats.

The restaurant concept is based on you, our international star, with dishes typical of your country, paired with the Seidl Catering favorite dishes such as the Olympic Kaiserschmarren, which is flambéed right in front of the guest. As a guest chef, you and your dishes are announced and hyped on various social media channels. The recipes of your dishes are published so that every guest can replicate them.
The individual dishes from your home country are prepared in the production kitchen under your direction as typical for the catering business. The show and the finish are done by you, in the show cooking area in direct contact with the guests.

We offer free meals and accommodation directly in the FIRMAMENT.
Net salary of €1,800
Working schedule: 6 days a week from 15-23h
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